How does World Listening Day work?

World Listening Day is open to everyone and all types of events / activations. Each year a theme is identified and people are asked to consider ways to engage with that theme.

New for 2024!
To have an official World Listening Day activation, first create a Listener profile on this site. You’ll have to do this one time and then you can register, post, and promote your activations for all future year’s World Listening Day.

Once you’ve created a Listener profile, you’ll be able to customize your profile page with cover graphic and avatar icon.

When you are logged in, the top menu items will give you the option to register a new activation.

World Listening Day celebrates the practice of mindful listening and encourages people to engage with their auditory environment in various ways. Here are a few ways people might participate in World Listening Day:

  • Soundwalks: Organize or join a soundwalk in your community to explore the sonic environment, paying attention to the sounds around you.
  • Field Recording: Take a recording device and capture sounds from different environments, such as parks, urban areas, or natural settings.
  • Listening Parties: Host or attend a listening party where participants share and discuss recordings they’ve made or found that highlight interesting or unique sounds.
  • Acoustic Ecology Workshops: Participate in workshops or seminars that explore the relationship between sound, environment, and culture.
  • Listening Meditation: Practice listening meditation, focusing solely on the sounds around you to cultivate mindfulness and presence.
  • Sound Mapping: Create a map of sounds in your local area, marking locations where specific sounds are prominent or interesting.
  • Community Sound Projects: Collaborate with others to create sound-based art installations or projects that raise awareness about the importance of listening.
  • Online Listening Exchanges: Join online forums or social media groups dedicated to sharing recordings and discussing the art of listening.
  • Documentary Listening: Watch documentaries or films that explore soundscapes, acoustic ecology, or the impact of sound on our lives.
  • Sound Art Installations: Visit or create sound art installations in public spaces that invite people to engage with sound in a unique way.
  • Educational Events: Attend lectures, panel discussions, or presentations on topics related to sound studies, auditory perception, or environmental sound.
  • Reflective Listening: Take time to reflect on your personal relationship with sound and how it shapes your experiences and understanding of the world.

These activities can help individuals deepen their appreciation for the soundscape around them and foster a greater sense of connection to their environment and community.

No matter how you choose to engage in World Listening Day, whether solo or in a group, private or public, we’d love to know about it by registering it on this website.