Roots that Braid Themselves

Roots that Braid Themselves


July 18, 2024    
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

By naisa


Warbler's Roost
3785D Eagle Lake Road, South River, ON, P0A1X0
This year’s World Listening Day performance will include an Ambisonic soundscape work by Edmonton sound and new media artist Shawn Pinchbeck as well as an outdoor site-specific performance by Sundridge multi-disciplinary artist Christine Charette called Roots That Braid Themselves. The event begins with a SOUNDwalk on the Warbler’s Roost property led by NAISA Executive Director Nadene Thériault-Copeland.
Tickets are $12 Canadian for this in-person event and can be purchased here.
I. Roots that Braid Themselves by Christine Charette
From the world of Electroacoustic Music and Musique Concrète, Christine Charette explores the profound influence of forest biomes and the symbiotic enchanted world it hides underground. Charette uses recorded sounds from life, distilled through a sampler, and weaves them with the sounds of piano, synth. Drawing her sounds intuitively, she allows the forest and its underground networks to inhale and exhale through her, resonating in their vibration, and translating their Affect. Charette creates a space that transports the listener to where worlds of microbial seed banks exist, stardust and roots that braid themselves into stories, where the belly of the Earth speaks.
Christine Charette is a multi-disciplinary French-Métis artist who works intuitively and metaphorically. Originally from North Bay, Charette has lived in Vancouver, London, Toronto and Montréal, and now resides in the forest near Algonquin park.  Through an eco-feminist lens, Charette explores themes such as women’s work, nesting, isolation, mothering, identity, the environment, natural cycles, and the ancient, through metaphor and affect theory.
II. Where the Bees Buzz by Shawn Pinchbeck
Where the Bees Buzz is a part of a series of works based on ambisonic field recordings Shawn Pinchbeck took at many locations in the Peace Region of northwestern Alberta, Canada. The piece features select field recordings from around Beaverlodge, Alberta with electroacoustic music accompaniments inspired by those recordings.
Shawn Pinchbeck is an award winning artist based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Viljandi, Estonia. He is a multi-faceted artist: electroacoustic music composer, sound designer, audio engineer, performer, media artist, curator and educator. His artworks explore all things that sound, merging elements such as video, computer interaction, multi-speaker environments, sensors and electronics, interdisciplinary performance and installation art.