: r e s o n a n c e – neanderland

: r e s o n a n c e - neanderland


July 19, 2024    
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

By tonwahl




Kapellenstr.36-40, Monheim am Rhein, NRW, 40789 , NRW

: r e s o n a n c e – neanderland takes you on a journey. From the origins of the Neandertal, to the lime mines of Wülfrath and the composting plant in Ratingen, to the rippling, flowing sounds of the Father Rhine near Monheim.

What we hear here is both familiar and mysterious at the same time. And – like sounds that penetrate through an open window – they can be noticed or ignored. They can sound like atmosphere – or attract attention and trigger our aesthetic, analytical and imaginative perceptions.

When I was asked to create this sound topography as part of the Neanderland Biennale, I also wanted to preserve the aspects of the accidental, the situational, the immediate. Therefore, you will hear my acoustic observations as compiled sound events, but unmanipulated in their time structure and content, each of which depicts a subjective sound image of a place in the composition.

In the search for specific sound phenomena, an understanding of the existing sound parallels also develops. Listening through the frequency landscapes, we discover and follow the acoustic lines we find, which are common to all soundscapes, constantly reflecting anew through the entire space of the living and natural spaces created by us humans like connecting veins.

Let’s take the time to discover these sound fields that surround us.

A mixedmedia evening with the sound and media artist Frank Schulte in dialog with Annika Corona.

The Event will be audible and streamed on Radio Rakete: https://www.sojus.de/radio/radio



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