Listening Instruments Invention Workshop

Listening Instruments Invention Workshop


July 16, 2024    
12:00 pm - 2:30 pm

By alex

Through the use of various objects and materials, the workshop explores how the act of listening can be physically modified to transform the relationship between a listener and the noises that surround them. The workshop opens with a brief presentation in order to identify the conceptual and theoretical framework of the larger Listening Instruments research initiative.

Participants are then given the opportunity to invent their own headphone-based listening instruments using a wide variety of materials. Participants are encouraged to play with the acoustic properties of the different materials and explore how they affect, transform, prevent and modify external noises. The workshop concludes with a guided tour of the surrounding area where the participants will be able to explore the new listening experiences created by their freshly made Listening Instruments.

The goal of the workshop and sound walk is to inspire participants to shift their relationship to the noise that surrounds them by playing with these noises as creative material in the development of new listening experiences.